The FA Disability Cup 2024 final returns to St George’s Park this summer - TNT Sports (2024)

The FA Disability Cup in association with EE, returns for the eighth edition of the tournament, with six finals taking place June 29-30, 2024, at St. George’s Park.

The finals, which are the largest competition of its kind,ensure players within impairment-specific football have a national FAcompetition to call their own, with a totalof six formats of the game competing:Amputee, Blind, Cerebral Palsy, Deaf, Partially Sighted and Powerchair.

St. George’s Park will be open for fans to attend the finals and support the players from the stands.

TNT Sports will show every match live each day, with coverage presented byLynsey Hipgrave alongside Paralympic medallistAde Adepitanand seven-time Paralympic championHannah co*ckcroft.

Across the weekend they will be joined by experts Owen Coyle Jr. (former England Amputee Head Coach), David Clarke (former British Para captain and Chief Executive of the British Paralympic Association), Matt Crossen (England CP captain), John Tapia Owens (England Para head coach), Adam McEvoy (Development Manager at the Wheelchair Football Association) and Gregg Baxter (former powerchair player).

Highlights will also be available onChannel 4 and All4.

For fans able to attend, the Experience Area will return for 2024 - a dedicated space for equipment and adaptions to simulate some of the formats of disability football showcased throughout the finals weekend.For every experience completed, fans will receive a stamp and be rewarded with a token gift.

The taster sessions are linked to Football Your Way, a ground-breaking plan for Disability Football developed by The FA. Part of the three-year plan aims to grow participation, increase the number and quality of coaches, develop an inclusive and diverse talent pathway, build support for elite players, and raise the profile of disability football at every level.



Amputee Cup final, in partnership with England Amputee Football Association
10:00Everton FC v Portsmouth FCSir Alf Ramsey Pitch (Indoor 3G)
Partially Sighted Cup final, in partnership with the National Partially Sighted Football League
12:15Birmingham Futsal vs Scorpions Futsal The Futsal Arena
Blind Cup final, in partnership with the National Blind Football League
14:15The Royal National College for the Blind vs West Bromwich Albion FCTony Larkin Blind Pitch


Cerebral Palsy Cup final, in partnership with CP Sport
09:30Chelsea Foundation vs Norwich City Community Sports Foundation Sir Alf Ramsey Pitch (Indoor 3G)
Powerchair Cup final, in partnership with the Wheelchair Football Association
11:25Aspire PFC vs West Bromwich Albion PFC The Futsal Arena
Deaf Cup final, in partnership with England Deaf Football
13:15Farsley Celtic Deaf FC vs St Johns Deaf FCSir Alf Ramsey Pitch (Indoor 3G)

TheBlind finalwill see The Royal National College for the Blindreturn, following last year’s defeat againstBrighton & Hove Albion. This year, they will play againstWest Bromwich Albion.

Last year's winners,Scorpions Futsal,will take onBirmingham Futsalin thePartially Sighted final.

Whilst four-times winnersAspire PFCplay West Brom in thePowerchair final.Norwich City Community Sports Foundation,who return for their second FA Disability Cup finals, will be up against Chelsea Foundation inthe Cerebral Palsy final.

As we approach the eighth edition of The FA Disability Cup Final, James Kendall, Director of Football Development at The FA said: “This year’s finals are set to be the most competitive yet with a number of former champions returning in the hope to retain their titles.

"With less than a month to go, everyone involved in the set-up is raring to go and we’re looking forward to watching the players perform at the top of their game and see fans engage with the experience area. Join us at St. George’s Park for an action-packed weekend of football."

The FA Disability Cup 2024 final returns to St George’s Park this summer - TNT Sports (1)

Brighton & Hove Albion players celebrate winning the Blind Cup Final between Brighton & Hove Albion and The Royal National College for the Blind at St George's Park on June 24, 2023 in Burton upon Trent, England.

Image credit: Getty Images

Pete Jeavons, Marketing Communications Director atEE said: "EEare immensely proud to be involved with the FA Disability Cup and our commitment to supporting disability and para football as Lead Partner of the FA remains as strong as ever. The continual growth of this tournament is a testament to our shared ambitions within football, and we’re excited to see another weekend of competitive action this year.

Scott Young Group SVP, Content, Production and Business Operations, WBD Sports Europe said: "The FA Disability Cup is a fantastic weekend of top-flight football and six fiercely-fought finals.

"I would encourage as many people as possible to tune in, prepare to be amazed, entertained, and discover more about disability football and the stories of the players and teams that make these finals so exciting.TNT Sports are proud to be involved and to bring every moment of finals action to our viewers."

Tickets to the FA Disability Cup finals can be bought by clicking here.

For more information, please visit


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The FA Disability Cup 2024 final returns to St George’s Park this summer - TNT Sports (2024)


What is the disability World Cup football? ›

The INAS World Football Championship is an international association football competition for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

How many categories and cup finals does the FA disability cup have? ›

The finals, which are the largest competition of its kind, ensure players within impairment-specific football have a national FA competition to call their own with a total of six formats of the game competing: Amputee, Blind, Cerebral Palsy, Deaf, Partially Sighted and Powerchair.

What football player has a disability? ›

Tom Dempsey

Dempsey's kicking foot was deformed; he wore a special boot while playing. He famously made a record-setting field goal against the Detroit Lions in 1970. The kick resulted in the “Tom Dempsey Rule” which now requires all players to use shoes similar to the NFL standard.

Who is the disabled boy in World Cup? ›

Al-Muftah was Qatar's youngest entrepreneur at 15. He has scaled the Jebel Shams mountain in Oman. He was appointed an ambassador for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. He established the “Ghanem Al-Rabeh Association for Wheelchairs,” a civil society through which wheelchairs are distributed to those who need them.

Who is the disabled child in the FIFA World Cup? ›

Ghanim Al-Muftah: Story of Disabled Boy Who Impressed at Qatar World Cup Opening Ceremony. Collage image of Ghanim Al-Muftah (L) and him sitting close to American actor Morgan Freeman (R).

Is there a World Cup for disabled people? ›

The Paralympic World Cup is an annual international multi-sport event for elite athletes with a disability, that has been hosted in Manchester, England, since 2005.

What is pan disability football? ›

PAN-Disability football is a format of football which brings together players of different disabilities so they can play together in a single format of football. Flexible and inclusive, PAN-Disability Football helps many players overcome barriers that may stop them from playing football.

What is the name of the disabled football? ›

Disability football associations

It is referred to as CP football for short. Social football is futsal for people with mental health problems. The FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game generally apply to it in the same way with some modifications.

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